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10 Useful Fitness Tips For Newbies.

Posted by viki on February 16, 2011 in Fitness Tips For Newbies with No Comments

The most difficult in fitness is to find time for exercises.

We are so busy during the day – working in the office, came back and start with homework, children, pets…  Late in the evening – time to relax.

We promise themselves that next Monday we start…then next and next Monday…

What to do?

1. Think about fitness as a job but not a hobby!

What are you waiting from fitness exercises? Just lost 10 pound or have a supermodel body?

Any case, you need to have a plan.

Remember: The regular and consistent training – way to your success!

In other words, fitness – it’s not a hobby, engaged in the mood. Missed training is a step back.

2. Learn from mistakes.

Have a goal doesn’t mean to solve it. Perhaps you have already once or more time tried to start a new sporting life but unsuccessfully. What do you prevent? Why did you leave it?

Try to understand it because you have a change to do this mistake again.

Sure you will find some reasons. Try to discuss them with your friend, who has been involved in fitness for a long time. How did he/she solve the similar problems?


You had so many times that fitness is difficult, not for your age, need a lot of time…

It’s depend of your goals – if you wish just feel yourself better -3 hours per week is more then enough. If you wish lose a belly – 4 hours per week. As you see, it’s not much time.

4.Together is fun!

Start together with your friend. It’s easier to find time and it’s really fun!

5.Turn off your cell.

Remember, fitness is your body job. Don’t interrupt it with phone calls.

It’s better to leave your cell at home.

6.Plan your life.

Plan your life sounds boring. But nowhere to go: if you do no book space in your  life for something important, you can miss it. So without hesitation, start your diary and write in it: “Tuesday, 19.00 aerobic exercises (40 minutes) and swing at the gym (30 minutes). And no temptations!”

7.Fitness with professional.

Find time for fat belly exercises is only half a deal. The most important  is to make the training program correctly. Fitness is a science, and decide what kind of exercise you need do first can only professional coach. Otherwise, you will lost your time and don’t see the results.

8. Reward yourself!

Always reward yourself for each stage of the work done!

For example, you’ve worked the whole month in fitness center, so it’s time to buy something nice you yourself. Why not? You’ve worked so hard.

9. Fitness Gym at home.

If you are busy person and don’t want to spend time going to fitness centre, you can buy some Fitness Gyms (ex. Elliptical or treadmill ) and have your own home fitness centre.

10.  Try, you will like it!

The most difficult is to begin. According to scientists, the period of acute stress reactions is about 3 weeks. Later symptoms of stress are smoothed and you begin to feel more confident. Exercise gets better and better. In the end of first month you will feel yourself perfect!