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Losing Tummy Fat – BEFORE AND AFTER…

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Below are just a few of the good results stories that were obtain from Body Fat Burning Furnace students all over the world. People everywhere are burning stubborn body fat and keeping it off…as well as creating muscles, strength and wellness in minutes per week using the FBF methods.

Obviously not everyone will expertise these type of outcomes, they’ll differ according to your scenario and circumstance, and you might not anticipate to complete also. Everyone with the good results stories beneath had been an outcome of subsequent the distinctive FBF dietary, physical exercise and way of life methods to produce a decreased calorie atmosphere within their bodies … awesome huh?!

 “Wow… I Feel And Look
Like A New Person…”

“… My wife confided in me that she feels like she has a new man!!!!

I have managed to loose about 26 pounds during the 10 weeks period. I am stronger now and living healthy.

This is one success story.

My friends are wondering how I managed to transform in such a short time.

I am grateful to have met Rob Poulos…

Continue with the beautiful work. Kudos Rob,”

Peter Wachira
Nairobi, Kenya

“I Feel Great. I Feel Strong
…5 Inches Gone!”

“I went from 261 lbs to 235, a 26 pound loss.

Also lost 5 inches around waist and dropped 7 1/2 percent body fat.

I feel great. I feel strong.

And, my clothes fit me much better. The Abs are just starting to come through…

…I am on a roll.

Thanks Rob,”

Randy Getchis

“… My body fat went down from 22% to 18%, hips 33” to 31”, and waist 29.8” to 28”!

In the end I have to THANK YOU for creating this program.”It was wonderful to have something to follow and have a schedule set. Cheers,” 


Rebecca O.
British Columbia, Canada



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