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Losing Tummy Fat.

3 Principles You Need To Know To Lose Tummy Fat Fast.

Posted by viki on February 17, 2011 in 3 Principles To Lose Tummy Fat Fast with No Comments


You exercise regularly, watch out for food, but it seems that weight is not going anywhere? You are not alone! For so many people progress stops before they reach their goals.To increase your chances of success in the fight against tummy fat, try these three strategies:



One of the best way to increase calorie consumption during workouts aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system is to include intervals. This means that instead of having to deal with the same rhythm all the time, you mix intervals of high and lower intensity, which allows you to do better and not have to maintain a high pace throughout the session. Remember the following guidelines when you begin to introduce intervals into their workout routine:

-every time before training decide how many intervals you will do. Foe Example, during a 30-minute running schedule to run faster for a minute, and so five times (gets five one-minute intervals every five minutes).

-during the intervals try to work more intensively than usual, but do not overdo it, so you do not stop to rest.

-Leave enough time between the intervals.


Even if you work regularly, a short walk in the morning or evening, can increase the total calorie consumption. In just one 10-minute walk can burn up to 60 kcal. It’s more than 400 kcal per week!


Just adding to your regime short strength training every second or third day, you will increase your muscle mass, while each kilogram of muscle burns 35-50 calories.

But make sure you understand and apply the three principles I discussed above. If you don’t, you’ll ultimately be unhappy with your results, both in your ability to burn fat and realize the lean, strong, and healthy body you deserve.