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What’s Your Metabolism Rate?

Posted by viki on February 18, 2011 in Your Metabolism Rate with No Comments

Metabolism … This word we hear often when talk with our fitness instructor about weight loss.

What does this word mean?

Metabolism (from Greek. – Transformation, change) is the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life. Or, in simple words is how quickly your body spends energy or burns calories.

Every person has different metabolic rate . For example, if a person with low levels of metabolism and person with high metabolism eat the same portion of food, a person with high metabolism will burn more calories. A person with low level of metabolism, most likely, part of the food will accumulate in the form of fat.

There are certain factors that affect your metabolic rate:


Group of Health

Physical activity, activity level


The frequency of meals

Adequate water consumption

Hormone level

Stress factor


Eating habits


Depending on these factors there are 3 levels of metabolism:

1.If you thin and can not to gain weight in any way, especially muscle mass, despite the fact that eating tight enough and not small portions, then you have an accelerated metabolism (high metabolism).

2. If the opposite is true: you are struggle with being overweight, you have a slow metabolism (lower level of metabolism).

3. If you are full-bodied, despite extensive diet – you have a normal metabolism (the average level of metabolism). Such people are most genetically predisposed to weight training.

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