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Losing Tummy Fat.

Losing Tummy Fat Secrets?

Posted by viki on April 2, 2011 in Losing Tummy Fat Secrets? with No Comments

A US based fitness experts Rob and  Kalen Poulos have recently completed their study on fat burn and written a tell-all report, called  Fat Burning Furnace

According to Rob and his wife Kalen Poulos everyone can lose fat tummy fast and just  spending 25-30 minutes at home with either little equipment or none at all.

 What’s include the program?

158 page long guide, (excluding meal plans and recipes) with calculators, meal plans, the main program and various other tools and bonuses.

There are 2 parts:

Part 1. Fat Burning Furnace Exercise Program.

Part 2.The Fat Burning Furnace Diet / Food Choices.

 Rob has been helping people with fat problems for over 10 years.

 If you suffer from obesity, there is one important thing you need to know…

You are not alone…

Statistics show 64% of adults in the United States of America are overweight or obese.

Here are a few sneak peeks of what’s inside Rob’s  Fat Burning Furnace  Program:

 -The 22 flat out fastest fat burning, body sculpting, head turning exercises ever!  You get easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and photos.

 -The truth about how low calorie, low carb, and other restrictive diets will absolutely crush your metabolism! And the proven tactics to avoid that “Yo-Yo” dieting effect that keeps you going back to these programs time after time…

 -The secret to altering this simple three day strategy into one that requires just two days to complete! Now you can achieve and maintain Push Button Fat Loss, moving your body… just twice per week. Until now, this was completely unheard of!

-The key to getting that six pack you always admired. And this has nothing to do with crunches… situps leg lifts or any other ab exercise. In fact it’s the one big mistake most trainers make… that you won’t!

 -The simple trick to separating the good fats— those that strip away your flab— from the bad fats— those that created the flab in the first place. Get this wrong and your diet will fail every single time. Get it right and your diet success is certain!

 -How the advice you get from all the top nutritionists will actually make you get fatter… not thinner. How can so many get this wrong? The answer to this and other questions will shock and amaze you!

 -The secret about two well known, but often overlooked substances you use everyday. Once you harness their power it’s like you’re taking magical supplements that burn fat and give you boundless energy! Get that unfair advantage… legally!

…and more!

 Be sure to check out Rob Poulos’ Fat Burning Furnace   and come back here to post your comments about it. I’d love to hear your feedback on his report.

Best of Luck,